LESTEL NAHA is the first guesthouse-type of hotel in Okinawa.
Cafe & Bar SERVO will partially open on September 1st.

Less is more…. It should not be a waste of time when traveling.
You can immediately check in without the reception desk in LESTEL NAHA.
LESTEL NAHA, which equips both private rooms and dormitories, and has neither TVs nor amenities, is the first guesthouse-type of hotel in Okinawa.
You are able to communicate with a lot of people through your enjoyable travel. We can provide information enough to enjoy deep NAHA, which are not described in any guidebooks.
Cafe & Bar SERVO enables you to have meal ranging from a cup of coffee to a number of Okinawan vegetables, and Orion Beer with delicious snacks, regardless of a time.
Besides, community events in which you can communicate culturally with local people have been held regularly.

9 月 14 日(土)にホテルルームの見学会を含めたオープンパーティを開催します。